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The Truth About Reincarnation
by Norma Holt

Why Do Religious Organisations Hide It?

Norma's death began a journey through the after-life and return to a new body and life with full memory of reincarnation

She has answers most search for all their lives and she is reaching out to those interested in her story as it may change their lives.

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It began while driving a horse and dray through a paddock and something quite unexpected happened. Suddenly my 'being' was floating above the body of a 45 years old man slumped across the seat I was dead and was above the scene as I entered the afterlife. Everything went black then communication with the Spirit began.

In the supernatural world and at one with the Spirit there was no time or care but an overwhelming sense of 'at last I can do it'. Many lifetimes of frustration hit me but the reward was a beautiful warm feeling and peace unlike any other that filled the silent stillness and heightened my senses.

Visions followed of a new life stretched out as a line reaching into the distance. It pitched up and down with falls representing difficulties to be faced and crests the better times. Along it dates appeared and one stood out - age 45. But my life would not be an easy one.

Standing above my new parents as they were married the date is well recorded. My birth took place a month later.

With me came full recall of the switch from life to life and another language to parents and siblings. Beginning this life as I continued it - more as an observer than a partaker - my reincarnation was a great secret and handicap as I dealt with society's expectations while trying desperately not to shock anyone.

Aware of how my knowledge would be frowned on something harkened me not to speak out to an unprepared world.

Religion teaches that women are weak and not creatures of God. This was one of the first lies I would have to undo. The irony that the Spirit sent me back as a woman with more power than those who may put me down. This instilled within me a confidence that few can understand.

A man in my last life and aware of male tricks, egoes and methods for silencing women it was essential for me to maintain close association with the Spirit.

Criticism for people like me makes it difficult to speak out unless one is on very solid ground. "Oh, she's mad" or worse "don't take any notice of her she's got the devil in her." Such comments resonate in my mind of anyone who questions the establishment.

There was much I did not know and until the answers came many years later there was no point in speaking about it and no way I would have convinced anyone. There was, however, something about me that people picked up and that they marveled at.

With a mountain of learning ahead only at the peak of it would credibility for my story win out. As a small child I could not even reach the first level.

The heat wave following my birth stands out. Placed in the bathroom at Nanna's house in a draft it was cold and lonely and I cried. It was the worst ever heat on record at that time as bushfires took many lives on so-called 'Black Friday'. It occurred less than 3 weeks after my birth, Memory of those early days is peppered with such notable events.

At age 4 mum took me walking in a new street. She was dumbfounded when I suddenly cried out "We used to live there!" "You couldn't possibly know that," she responded, "you were only 3 weeks old when we moved."

The scenes of the family inside and the odd shaped room I slept in gave it away.

Her reaction and stern gaze promptly shut me up. She looked like she might faint. This is how so many children are silenced when trying to discuss things that confuse adults. My subsequent withdrawal on this topic made it my big secret linked as it is to a job waiting to be done.

Family members still discuss the other language that had come with me and my skills and abilities from a very young age.

Driven like a speeding train through a jungle I learned and observed everything possible. The experience of my childhood is not something to wish upon others and it was not something I questioned either for the visions had prepared me.

Struggling to be understood through the accent of the other language created communication problems. It governed my thinking and connected me to the Spirit in a way that it was like my third mind. The accent stayed with me well into my 20's when others were still pointing it out and were asking where I came from. It was obvious that there would be plenty of time to complete my mission.

The Spirit led me to observe how people believe myths and things like heaven and hell .

At age 5 my dear auntie Dot died which devastated the family. She was my mother's only sibling. At 37 a leg clot moved to her heart when 7 months pregnant.

Then as now she held a special place in my heart. If only I could have told them how it was with her now.

Underneath the woes and pain of what life dealt me is the separation of my spirit from the physical. Its like watching a movie in which I play a role but am not really that character. I am here to complete a mission and it seemed an eternity before I would be able to do so. Meanwhile the preparations went on

Around 4 years of age something happened that made me aware thatmy body is female. Dad pointed it out one day when I was trying to do something well beyond my abilities. I think I was trying to lift a 5 gallon drum of petrol. "Norma,"he said, "you can't do that - you're only a little girl."

The word 'only' hit hard with the consequences of being 'only a girl' well known to me, even at that age.

Missing the strength of my former body my mind did not readily adjust to not having it.

The enormity of the job ahead was suddenly compounded. Not only was I coming from a nothing kind of base but I had the greatest of mountains to climb and massive hurdles to jump.

It was natural to blame myself for this 'mistake'. Religion frowns upon women who claim to speak for God and here I was a woman, so how could that have happened? It would be many years before an explanation came from the Spirit who planned my arrival along with the date, sex and place of it.

My parents were aware I was different and my father often said "she's been here before."

As if things were not already bad enough my education began around the same time. Taken to a Catholic school, although the family are not catholic, my emotions ran wild at the sight of the nuns who terrified me as painful, horrible memories emerged.

Entering the school gate clinging tightly to mum's hand it was suddenly like being dragged to hell. One of the nuns pried my hand loose before dragging me off screaming.

It was mid year and I was four and a half. The other children had already been there for six months so I was an item of curiosity to them.

A little thing for my age my heart sunk as we entered the building. In my mind it was another drastic mistake and I asked the Spirit, "why?"

Flashback images of past tortures and deaths told me of things I should not normally have recalled. Tortured and killed, obviously more than once, for my spirituality in previous lives left me terribly scarred. Now back in their clutches the tears were automatic and the fear indescribable.

Years later it was shown to me that my education into man made religions and gods was essential to do the job. Everything I learned about the Catholic Church serves a purpose.

What happened next shocked everyone. Taken to a classroom the nun was more surprised than me when I kicked her hard in the shins. An expert at torturing little girls she grabbed me by the ankles, turned me upside down and whacked me several times on the bottom.

The instant of my release saw me racing home as though the devil was after me. Two high school girls gave chase but they were no match for my speed.

Collapsing in Nanna's driveway it was my dear auntie Dot who poked her head out of the window in response to the horrendous screams and told the 2 puffed out girls, who had descended on top of me, to leave me alone.

I have watched young children face their first day fears of school but I have never witnessed anything to equal my first day there. The terror inside me made its mark on my face.

I quickly sized it up in the religious sense. Its the world of the devil and I was in hell. Statues that stood before me everyday as images of things that do not exist impacted on my mind like dragons. My peers were taught in my presence that non- Catholics are evil and can never go to heaven. In a place where I was the only non-catholic the emotions that welled within are indescribable. Jesus Christ and Mary were abhorrent to me from the beginning and the chills of despair in the presence of those idols are still felt.

Every day fresh flowers and candles were before them, every day prayers were said to them, every day I cringed in the presence of this idolatrous evil. For me to partake in anything the Catholics did brought instant loss of Spirit.

Forced to pray, often with tears running down my cheeks, the pain was intolerable. They considered me a partner to Satan but my thoughts of them was far worse. Later visions and research confirmed my thinking.

These are the robbers who charge for salvation, who preach peace yet war with and teach hatred against anyone outside their faith. Over the years in their care I heard repeatedly the name calling and I saw the dreadful activities the children engaged in who were considered worthy of a heavenly reward.

It was obvious that these kids did not take their religion too seriously. It was equally obvious that they do not know spiritual peace while genuine love is beyond their reach as they pretend to have it. Nor do they recognise that the Spirit directs Its own to prevent lies, acts of violence and religious involvement.

Catholic forefathers took the notion of 'sin' and turned the Spirit into the devil. The Vatican claims that anything spiritual is of the devil, including healing, speaking in tongues, and ridiculing the Church.

They say they can forgive sins. So with great rituals and last rites they invoke their magic to reverse a lifetime of misdemeanors as they bury mafia members, murderers, robbers, and anyone else who pays them enough for eternal salvation with the promise of a heavenly existence. Phooey!

They seem completely unaware of the Spirit's instructions that forbids idolatry of any description.

Therefore hearken not ye to your prophets, nor to your diviners, nor to your dreamers, nor to your enchanters, which speak unto you, saying, Ye shall not serve the king of Babylon:
For they prophesy a lie unto you to remove you far from your land, and that I should drive you out and you should perish . . .
For I have not sent them, saith God, yet they prophesy a lie in my name, that I might drive you out, and that ye might perish . . . Jeremiah 27:9,10,15

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