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The Roman Catholic Church is Babylon

It's Confirmed in Prophecy:

This message was given to me many years later when told to get the bible and it opened at this passage:

For now thou shalt go forth out of the city and thou shalt dwell in the field; and thou shalt go even to Babylon; Micah 4:10

More will be said of this prophecy later on.

Babylon as shown to me by the Spirit comprises all religions whose roots are in that city state and that were tweaked and recycled into modern ideologies. One day I would go to the beginning of language to understand its true origins and how man uses it to elevate himself above all other things, including women. Meanwhile I was learning the basics.

Religions are full of robbers and people pay these crooks and conspirators, to be part of the darkness. As a small child the brainwashing can easily erase the knowledge of spiritual power that one is born with.

The tabernacles of robbers prosper, and they that provoke God are secure; into whose hand God brings abundantly. Job 12:6

Loss of the spirit within was the worst that happened as the lies absorbed me in them. Then the Spirit would call me back and refresh me.

And thine ears shall hear a word behind thee, saying, This is the way, walk ye in it, when ye turn to the right hand, and when ye turn to the left.
Ye shall defile also the covering of thy graven images of gold: thou shall cast them away as a menstrous cloth; thou shall say unto it, Get thee hence. Isaiah 30:21,22

During the years that followed I heard words warning me to go this way or that. But still I sat in rooms with images of the so-called Virgin Mary and Christ. As my religious experience began within weeks there was another disaster.

Taken for the first time to Church for the Friday Angeles the place sickened me. Big, cold and impersonal, we were made to genuflect before the altar. Sitting terrified in the pew as the other classes came in it was a natural instinct to call out to the only friendly face around.

My sister, Betty, walked by me and I called her name. The stern gaze of the terrorist nun a couple of pews away told me instantly that I was in trouble.

Back at school she called me to the front of the toom and told me to extend my hand as she threateningly wobbled a large cane up and down in hers. My left hand was raised reluctantly but no, it had to be the right. This was the one damaged in a nasty fall the previous Sunday.

Lifting it out tentatively tears were already flowing as the cane came down. Thrash, thrash, thrash, six times. Once more I was racing home at the speed of light with big girls after me. Remember that at that time I was only four and a half years old.

Blood poured from the wound while the pain was unbearable. Getting off on the wrong foot with that particular abuser was a regretful mistake. She delighted in hurting me and the hatred in her eyes was beyond belief. At 4.5 years there was no excuse for the punishment.

It taught me to turn the hatred around by being better than the Catholics, by being more honest than they, and a far better student. In later years I was often the only one sitting down for good work as my peers stood while learning the tasks of the night before. She never saw how I turned out because she died of cancer of the leg not long after. No one told me if it was the same one I kicked.

Dad frightened me again that night when he arrived home from work and was told about it. He had tended my wounds after the fall gently digging the numerous bits of gravel from my badly damaged elbow and leg before replacing the lump of skin over the knuckle of my right small finger. Everyday he carefully removed the dressings before applying his treatment and new bandages.

Outraged he yelled: "I'll kill them."

It taught me once again to shut up and take the punishment which was less severe than dad going to jail for murder. These harsh lessons helped me to find my way in an intolerable situation as the lies went on.

And they bend their tongues like their bow for lies; but they are not valiant for the truth upon the earth; for they proceed from evil to evil, and they know not me, saith God Jeremiah 9:3

Leaving school at 14 was like casting off a mantle of filth, the menstrous cloth. The Spirit returned with strength and heralded a productive time ahead. Visions were a normal part of life as it took a new direction following nanna's death the previous year.

During a period of reasonable normality I worked, married and raised a family.

At 44 our lives changed dramatically after a painful marriage and divorce. A vision of my husband as a dead fish floating away had shown me that things were over between us.

Getting rid of him was not that easy, however, as he worked solidly behind my back to bankrupt me and destroy my life. It was when things became hopeless that the Spirit spoke:- "Norma, go to Canberra."

At that time we were on the Central Coast of New South Wales, north of Sydney, on a mortgaged farm. The country was in a depression and my finances were non existent as my business had collapsed.

That afternoon my children arrived from three different directions and asked individually on entering the house: "Mum, can we live in Canberra?"

The Spirit confirmed Its message through them.

With no money or job and heavily in debt with mortgage, car payments and three children to keep it was hardly the time to think of moving. We had no food, the electricity was disconnected, the car was unregistered and bills were piled up. If that was not bad enough the farm equipment was repossessed and the car would probably be next.

Unexpectedly when replying to an ad for a Company manager the place on offer was Canberra. Accepting the position there were still hurdles to jump. Just making the journey seemed impossible but the Spirit was at work, not me.

It moved mysteriously behind the scenes and a man arrived on the farm soon after. Not knowing him he came 'out of the blue' to discuss my situation and to set wheels in motion to make our move possible.

A few days earlier I had approached a government agency for help without knowing what would happen next. They had not given me much hope at that time but again the Spirit was at work. The car was soon registered, food arrived and cash payments received to tide us over.

That week the government granted removal costs for people with job offers away from home. We received petrol money, deposit on a flat in Queanbeyan, just outside the ACT, and $2,000 removal costs.

We hurriedly mobilised and within a week were in Canberra.

It was July 1983 and bitterly cold. The tiny 2 bedroom flat was cramped and noisy as it also became home to our cat and dog, whom we had to hide from the agent. From the first, however, my income exceeded $2,000 and all debts were quickly repaid.

In March a lovely 4 bedroom house was made available to us, thanks to a kindly Real Estate Agent. The children were in appropriate schools and peace beyond understanding came at last.

One day events changed things forever.

First sinus struck me down! This evil disease was one of the troughs shown to me in the pre-life visions. It would hit unannounced whenever dust was present or contact made with any form of bacteria.

Retiring to bed at 7.30pm in awful pain the bible went with me which, in itself, was very strange. Still in its case hardly ever opened after 30 years of ownership it had meaning yet to be grasped, but this was hardly the time for such heavy research.

Opening it, nonetheless, somewhere in the middle barely had 3 or 4 lines been read when the unbelievable happened.

The words became unreadable.

Reclining in pain onto the pillow the power of God hit me hard.

It pinned me from head to toe making it impossible to move a muscle. Then a strong, authoritative voice spoke in my head.

"Tear down the wall of churches, go out to the people and bring back the young."

This simple message would eventually fill volumes with meaning and years later it would happen.

At the time and with no idea what it meant 3 visions followed in rapid succession.

In the first a figure resembling that portrayed of Jesus Christ preaching to a crowd from the top of a hill appeared.

In the second I had replaced him

In the third my face was on a screen, like this one.

It was 1984 and I was 45 years old. That age had stood out in the pre-life visions as the most important. Ignorant of the Internet at that time it is through it now that my face appears along with the message.

How it will get to the world and change the attitudes of people is in God's hands.

As the power released me I said, "If that is you heal my sinus".

There was no name, no ceremony, no ritual, no candles, and certainly no prayer. It was a direct exchange from one mind to another. No! I am not mad but if I had not seen the visions in my pre-life existence it would have been freakish stuff. As it was it seemed so natural and expected.

As suddenly as it came the power left but it provided things to remember the visit by and to prove it to others. My sinus was miraculously healed and it has never reappeared and everyone who knew me knew also of the burden it had been.

But there were other markers. The following morning I was speaking in tongues that bring enormous power with messages and healing. My children did not reject what had happened and 2 of them were later also speaking in tongues.

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