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What is a Miracle?
by Norma Holt

Religions Hate Spiritual Power?

Visions, prophesies, and miracles have been a part of my life from birth. Solving problems that adults could not while still a very young child set me apart. My father always knew I have been here before and would run things by me when he faced s task that was a little difficult to work out.

True miracles are unexpected and come 'out of the blue' as the Spirit works its wonders. The following are cases I was drawn to.

A Catholic priest, named Brian Gore, was imprisoned by the President of the Philippines for several years. No one could convince the latter to let him go although he faced no charged. One day the Spirit told me "pray for Brian Gore."

I did not hesitate and that evening as part of my routine I went to a Catholic charismatic meeting nearby. I told the group of the message and that we should pray for the priest but no one appeared to take any notice. Nonetheless I asked God to free the man in Jesus name.

By this time just about every clergyman and evangelist who claims to work miracles had been to the Philippines to seek his release but always without success. No president or Prime Minister could persuade a change in the situation.

Two nights after my prayer for him I was sent into the back room where the light switch was connected to the radio. It was a freezing cold evening and instantly the switch was on the radio announced that Brian Gore was to be released from Jail.

This happened at around the time when the Spirit commissioned me and told me to work only for it. Then more miracles took place.

Lindy Chamberlain was a mother whose baby had been snatched by a dingo at Ayres Rock. She was charged with murder after false evidence was presented to the court and sentenced to a long jail term. Released for a short time due to an appeal Lindy got pregnant again and when she was sent back to jail she gave birth in the prison. The child was removed from her soon after,

The drama and prison life dragged on for her for around 5 years. One Wednesday while walking across my kitchen the Spirit asked me to pray for her. It was a strange request as I like most in the country thought she was guilty.

My spiritual friend, Barbara, prayed with me over the phone as we had become partners in prayer requests. My daughter emerged from the far end of the house soon after and asked if I had been praying for something. She said she had felt the power in the bedroom.

That afternoon a man jumped or fell from Ayres Rock (now Uluru) and his body landed beside the matinee jacket worn by the baby. It proved that an animal had taken it and that it died as a result of its injuries.

Years later a man came forward and said they were shooting illegally in the Northern Territory when they spotted the dingo with the baby. They took the body back to Melbourne and buried it so they would not be found out.

On Friday afternoon Lindy walked out of jail a free woman.

Many times I was led to people who had asked God to sen them somebody. The most dramatic case concerned a Uniting Church Minister.

It was a Friday morning when the phone book fell to the floor several feet in front of me. It opened at a listing of churches. As I picked it up two names leaped out at me. I instantly rang the first and spoke to a man named John.

He was very compliant when I asked for a meeting. It was arranged for 2pm that very day.

Without knowing a thing about him or what I would discuss I started out the door when the Spirit called me back. The message was strong when it told me to take some bread. I grabbed a slice and carefully wrapped it before lodging it in my pocket.

On the way to the meeting the power was so strong I could hardly drive. Pulling into the car park I looked for the door and knocked.

A man of around 40 opened it invited me in. He offered coffee and while the jug was boiling he looked at me with a question in his eyes that prompted this response. "God sent me" I said.

The tears instantly welled in his eyes and ran down his cheeks as he finished making the drink and invited me to sit down. He then explained how that week he was contemplating suicide as he no longer believed in what the Church and, therefore, he was teaching.

For an hour the Spirit took over as the bible opened at exactly the tight passages to give him a lesson in false gods and the conspiracy by the Roman Catholic Church which invented Jesus Christ. When I explained to him about spirit power and the fire it creates within he grabbed a roll of paper and on it he had outlined his body and colored it in red. This was what he envisioned of his acceptance of the power.

When he asked me about spiritual people my hand withdrew the bread and the Spirit had me break off a piece. Then it spoke through me. Spirit is like bread if you separate a piece from the whole and then remould it the two pieces are then reunited as one. That is what happens to those who are born with the tree of life. Others, however, who have a foreign substance cannot be molded to it just as cake cannot mold to bread. That foreign substance comprises worship of false gods and disunity.

John later invited me to address his Council of Elders and the power was there for some but most were disengaged. These were the ones John had to convince to change their minds about his concerns.

One day while Barbara and I were together the school rang to advise that my son, Andrew, had broken is thumb. This had happened twice before resulting in it not healing properly and being in plaster for weeks. The Spirit told me to lay hands and pray and that it had happened for a reason.

Again the power was so strong that I could barely drive the car. When I did as instructed we watched the swelling go down, the thumb jerked a few times, and the bruising disappeared. He went back to school within the hour completely healed. It was a Catholic school that he attended.

Later that day I prayed over the cat who had a huge abscess on its neck. As we watched the pus began to flow out and within the hour the swelling was gone and she was healed.

I was led to many people who had called on God to send them someone. Many were healed of various conditions and some were freed from jail while relationships were also healed. At least one woman got pregnant after years of trying. These are what miracles are and how they come about. They are not something that religions engage in as they are part of the spiritual life of the House of Israel. The name means "eye of light-powerful god" and it has nothing to do with the country or the the Jews.