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What is Spirit and how do you find it?

The Truth About Reincarnation
by Norma Holt

God Works Miracles

Welcome to understanding spiritual power. If the things written here make no sense to you then you may not be spiritual. If you are spiritual you will feel tingles, goose bumps or some other sensation as the Spirit leads you to understand howyou are being led.

You are here because you were led by the Spirit to be here. Does that make sense to you? Nothing happens that is not of the Spirit and as children of Israel we were promised that in the end we would be returned to the Spirit, of which we are a part.

Miracles and Your Spirituality

Many people are led to me because the message I promote is from Jesus, the name of the Universal Spirit, as you are already aware.

How they are led is often quite remarkable. Some particular cases stand out more in my mind, like the following one:

John rang me after receiving a brochure describing my course on reincarnation. He was in desperate straits at the time and at first was almost incoherent.

Gradually he got his story across about his alcoholism and how he felt his life was over. He was mourning the loss of his marriage and children as a result of being classified an unfit parent. The grog had him in its clutches and nothing made sense to him anymore. He was unemployed and, by the sound of it, unemployable.

He opened his heart about his suicide plans and how he had gone to his room to contemplate the best way of doing it when he accidentally knocked the brochure from the dresser to the floor. He had forgotten all about it but it now glared at him from the floor and literally spoke to him.

He picked it up, read it and raced to the phone. When he thought about it and had told me most of his story he said:

"Norma, your phone number just stood out and I believe that God has answered my prayers for help"

"Yes, I believe it too." I responded. With that the goose bumps began and I asked him "John, do you feel tingles."

"Wow, they are all over me," he said.

"Yes, that is because you have been touched by the Spirit. You are being called to talk to me and to ask for healing."

He expressed his amazement at the power. "Hey! I have never felt anything like that before." He said, before the hesitation and silence became all too telling. "No! I'm not ready, yet."

He offered the same lame excuses that drunks offer when alcohol is taken away from them. I could hear the fear in his voice. He had associated spiritual healing with rehabilitation programs and withdrawal problems. He went on to tell me some more about his life and problem and as his words slurred and he became more incoherent I guessed he was drinking while he was talking to me.

Like any bum he roamed from job to job, when he could get them, and struggled to maintain himself.

Despite our talk I did not hear from again until months later. Again he was suicidal and in desperate strife. I asked him to come and see me.

"No! I'm not ready yet." He said and after an hour or so of conversation he again disappeared off the radar.

Months later I began an open course at the local community centre on Sundays. It was a chance to talk to people who could not face coming to me one on one and to demonstrate the power of the Spirit.

Low and behold about the second Sunday John fronted up. One of the ladies who was helping me run the sessions had chanced upon John in a green-grocer shop where he was the delivery guy. She talked him into coming along to meet me and had no idea of our previous contact.

You see how the Spirit works. He couldn't drive and so Mary had brought him with her. As he lived on the other side of Canberra to me that had made any previous meeting difficult but he did not tell me of this situation.

As the meeting got underway he bravely stood up and faced his problem before God and the small audience. He opened his heart and at my urging he asked Jesus for healing from the alcoholism. As I prayed for him in Jesus name and the tongues poured from me with the enormous power of the Spirit his healing was instant.

The following week he testified how he went into the pub on the way home that day after the meeting and just the smell of the grog made him sick. He could not touch a drop which amazed his drinking mates. He then witnessed the healing to them who had known of his great problem, and many were on the same level.

After that John was a regular attendee and he brought his young daughter along as he was now able to get week-end access, which had not happened for a long time. On the way to full recovery he became a light in the world of darkness.

His alcoholism was used by the Spirit to bring him to the point where there was no help, no cure, and no future. He had no where else to go but to God and the Spirit was waiting, just as It is waiting for all of its people.

So, my friend you are not here today simply because you thought it would be a good idea. You are here because the Spirit has reached you and has put it in your heart to be here.

Contemplate this and then take some paper and pen and write down all the times when you felt the Spirit leading you. Put a tick if you willingly responded and an 'X' if you did not.

Next I would like you to write down your needs. I am not speaking financial greed or hunger but genuine needs. Have these lists with you tomorrow for Day 2.

For the remainder of this day be peaceful, in Jesus name.