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Miracles Are God's Business

Miracle is a much overused word and a misunderstood one. It applies to things that just seem to happen for the best.

Spirit is working constantly to fulfill the grand plan that is bringing everything to a conclusion. It includes the bad that we call 'disasters'. From tragedy, however, comes the release of the spiritual people from their prison?

Spiritual Healing, on the other hand, is usually sought of God and you know where it comes from when it happens. Confusing the two is common as most are not aware of any distinction between them.

The Catholic Church, from which all other Christian religions sprang, claims that miracles result from prayer requests to dead saints. This manipulation of facts makes the situation fit Church dogma which includes the notion that God is so distant that [he] cannot 'hear' or 'see' us nor the troubles we are in. That contradicts these words from prophecy.
Am I a God at hand, saith the Lord, and not a God afar off?
Can any hide himself in secret places that I shall not see him? Saith the Lord. Do not I fill heaven and earth? Saith the Lord. Jeremiah 23:23,24

God can only fill heaven and earth if IT is Spirit. That is the part that most do not get. God is not male nor female but Spirit.

As a spiritual God that is in and around us at all times it is the Spirit that works the miracles, that we feel close to and that gives us the sensations of shivers down our spine or other sensations related to spiritual power. It is the Spirit we contact when we pray to Jesus for a miracle. It is the Spirit who provides the spiritual healing as the term suggests.

Miracles and spiritual healing are part of my life. Not only have I been miraculously healed of conditions like sinus but my life has been run by the Spirit, with everything provided, for the past 21 years. In return I bring spiritual power, healing and miracles to everyone who seeks it.

The first 'miracle' of another that I was involved with happened after the figure of a man stood in front of me wearing a long white robe under a red one. He reached out and touched my forehead and the place he touched stayed warm for some 2 hours afterwards. The hand hid the face.

This visitation occurred some time before I saw the man on the cross and was, thereby, commissioned to take God off the cross. It represented a transference of power and heralded a time of great miracles that followed.

Soon after a lady came to that place for healing of an ear condition. The symptoms had returned after a previous operation. Placing my hands over her ears and rebuking the problem in Jesus name my left hand acted like an X-ray. Seeing the problem it came out of the ear into my hand. She was healed permanently

Sometime later I was asked to pray for a friend's ear as he too had had an operation with returned symptoms. Again the miracle happened and he was healed. Then he rang me seeking answers about the Spirit as opposed to Jesus Christ.

It taught me that such conditions, which cannot be healed by conventional means, happen for a reason. When such people ask for spiritual healing it happens as a witness to the power of the Spirit and the name Jesus.

Not long after this I was invited to a 'charismatic week-end' of the Healing Order of St. Luke by a friend who had also experienced healing of an ear condition. Our arrival at the old mansion was uneventful but the next day things certainly perked up.

The delegates had come expecting miracles and wanting to hear from God, but they were unprepared for the Spirit to speak to them. It would not surprise me that probably none of them spoke in tongues or had even heard of it which put me in an awkward position when they started to pour out of me.

A minister from Tasmania was addressing the group as we sat in a large circle. He had chosen to speak on the book of Job and, as usual, had grossly misinterpreted the meaning of the prophecies. About ten minutes into his talk the tongues started. They had well up in me like a football trying to get out and I was equally trying to hold them back.

The battle went on as I asked God not to do this. Suddenly out they come like something expelled with great force from the mouth. On they went as complete silence otherwise filled the room.

When they stopped the minister continued his talk.

Suddenly the English response to the tongues were welling with equal force inside me. "Please, don't do this", I begged the Spirit. "Give it to someone else" I pleaded looking around the room at the faces of the naïve group who were concentrated as they were on the talk.

Too late, out they came pouring forth into the atmosphere like a bomb going off in the room. "You seek answers but . . . . "

The man sitting next to me was Jim, an Anglican minister and chaplain of a local hospital. He put his arm to my back and said as he silenced me: "God will have his time to speak tonight.

Swallowing the rest of the message it sat in my throat like a massive ball and the tears flooded down my cheeks as the Spirit reacted with sadness. Yes, I should have ignored him and delivered the message but I suffer from this perpetual shyness of knowing God in a way that others do not and being afraid of the ridicule.

As soon as the talk was over I sped from the room and found solace in the bedroom shared with another lady. I could feel the talking going on downstairs as I was obviously branded some kind of devil. These people were educated into accepting that only the devil speaks in tongues - only the devil works miracles and, at that moment, I felt like the devil and knew how God has been into Satan.

For the rest of the day I was in agony and had visions of myself crucified on the cross for trying to carry out the work of the Spirit. Writhing with the pain I found some comfort on the floor as the rain began outside and then came down in torrents. The room grew dark as night fell. Later the door opened and Jim and two ladies whom I knew from previous meetings came in and turned on the light. Having missed lunch and now most of dinner they were obviously concerned about me.

I also suffer from a desire to hurt no one and to not impose myself over others. for that reason I do not have ready made retorts to cut them down. The Spirit, however, does.

They were barely in the room when the Spirit started on them. Out of my mouth poured a tirade of explanations of how and why the Spirit speaks to us in tongues and interpretation and that they were heading in the wrong direction. The bible flung open at all the relevant passages to educate them into the spiritual power and explain why miracles happen. Jesus was having a field day.

Passage after passage, highlighted as it was in my book, stared out at them as God showed the lies taught in Jesus name. It went into the dead Savior who has the name of the Spirit but is nothing of God. This whole episode was a miracle and they looked flabbergasted as they heard and saw things never before revealed to them or, at least, explained in this way.

As the power subsided I went downstairs and joined them for what remained of the dinner hour. There I sat with the minister who had done the talk and with Jim and the two ladies who had also entered the room. They had lots of questions and I was now equipped to answer them.

The following morning told a different story. There was a service in the chapel to which I was asked to go. There several ladies came to me and asked me to go to the front for prayer. They really thought I am possessed. I declined their offer and was extremely grateful when it was time to return to Canberra.

My friend, Hugo, who had invited me to the week-end was full of questions on the return journey. He was the one whose ear had previously been healed and for whom I had prayed a couple of times for him to get tongues without success. The trip went reasonably quickly and I could not wait to get back.

When I arrived there was one thing on my mind. Get to the chapel where I knew people spoke in tongues and accepted that the Spirit speaks to us. Here too miracles happen and I had to rush to make it on time.

The service began with singing and after a couple of songs the Pastor, John, asked for a testimony. The Spirit had me pick up the bible which opened at a passage about baptism and I read it out. Instantly the power fell over everyone. I was struck to the floor where I stayed on my knees for the next 2 hours.

The congregation were rushing to the front and kneeling to the power. That night miracle after miracle happened. Later testimonies told of a cancer being healed off a ladies hand, a gentleman was preparing for a liver operation and when he went for the scan that preceded it no condition was found, a child was healed of some major problem, and so the night went on.

As I knelt while the power raced through me and the miracles went on a friend, Babara, came to me and said: "I have just had a message from Jesus. Great blessing are on you head."

I nodded because I could feel them racing from top to toe. The choir was signing "Prove me now, if I will not open the windows of heaven and send you down lessings too great to contain."

The tragedy of the last two days was gone as God restored with another miracle.

Later that week my son, Andrew, broke his thumb at school. I was at Barbara's house where we had been praying when the phone rang. It was the school secretary asking me to pick him up because of the damage to his hand.

As asked and the Spirit spoke through tongues and interpretation. "This has happened for a reason. Lay hands and pray."

The cat had a large abscess on its neck and asking about that the Spirit replied: "Your animals are also precious, lay hands and it will be healed."

Driving to the school with power beyond what I could contain it was hard finding my way. Collecting Andrew we passed the hospital and headed home. Telling him about the message for healing we went to the lounge room and I saw his hand, now black and blue, hanging limp, badly swollen and obviously very painful.

It had been broken in the same place twice before and had been treated by hospitals in slings and so on but never regained its strength. Now I lay my hand over it and rebuked it in Jesus name. Instantly I felt it move and removed my hand and we watched as the swelling went down, the blackness disappeared and the thumb jerked back and forth until it was perfectly aligned.

The grin on his face told everything and he went to school less than an hour after leaving it completely healed. He was at a Catholic School where I had previously testified to the Headmaster of the power of the Spirit. Now he saw it for himself. Was this the reason the miracle happened?

After this I had no hesitation in praying with anyone who needed it. In shopping centers, waiting in line to pay bills, neighbors or strangers in the street, they were all healed as the Spirit worked through me and more miracles and spiritual healing took place on a regular basis.

Miracles do not happen through dead people but through the Spirit that is around us, within us, and caring for us while calling back its people.

In answer to those who have experienced a miracle through prayer be reminded that the Spirit knows what is in your heart and every time it works with healing there is a reason behind it. There are the people who witness the event and there are those who are skeptics and choose to ignore the power for the sake of denying there is such a thing as spiritual healing.

Today an increasing number of miracles take place universally outside of religion, outside of the norm and outside the dogma of Jesus Christ. Stand before an image of Christ and ask for healing and see what happens.

Now, if you desire healing I want you to try something. I want you to test God and then make a decision of who is right. Is God Spirit or Jesus Christ?

Now you may feel the power as the Spirit touches you. I have the power for you as I write these words.

You will only ask God to take control of your life if you recognise that you don't have control over it.

You can die tomorrow, even today. Your house can be detroyed, you can have an accident or you can contract a major disease. Would these things happen if you are in control?

One day I was visiting the hospital when a patient I was praying with said "I am in control of my life." The following day she was dead.

From now on whatever you do you should say "I do this in Jesus name".

Even when you get into the car to drive, when you speak to your children, or when you go to work or school. When you have a problem I want you to say "Jesus help me, in Jesus name."

Do you know that having an insurance policy is an affront to God? If the Spirit is in control does it not protect Its people?

That's what this message is all about. Those who suffer the most have the most to loose and wealth is an affront to God because hording wealth is like insurance. Gaining wealth is stealing from others.

To Test God is to put your love and feelings before the Great Spirit of the Universe and to ask for help and know that you can receive it. The miracle is yours for the asking if you are of the Spirit.

God is real and the power proves it.

The Spirit is the flower of our being. As it blossoms within us we excel, as it colours we shine, as it fills us we have the power of the Divine.

There is no peace except in the Divine Spirit and the name we use is Jesus. The name that was stolen and given to the false god.

Fear is in the hearts and minds of those threatened by eternal punishment which comes only from that Lie.

There is no hell or eternal flame to burn anyone. Those of the Spirit are with God always unless they oppose the Spirit. These are the one who experience true miracles and spiritual healing

It is the Spirit within that guides and directs us and prevents evil coming against us.

It is the Spirit within that has brought us back repeatedly from the dead into new lives and that has built this great feeling within.

It is the Spirit that also devastates lives. The truth about the Great Spirit and the ONENESS of God sets you free.

"I am God and beside me there is no one else. I form the light, and create darkness; I make peace, and create evil; I God do all these things." Isaiah 45:5-7

If you believe in God you need to find the TRUTH and the REAL POWER.

When that happens you can lead other to experience the miracle that has changed your life from now on.