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The scribes replaced the title 'God with the personal pronoun (he) or with 'lord' and I have switched it back in biblical references to the original, as shown to do.

"Whom shall [God] teach knowledge? and whom shall (God) make to understand doctrine? them that are weaned from the milk, and drawn from the breasts."

For with stammering lips and another tongue will God speak to this people". Isaiah 28:9,11

It has provided man with his greatest asset as it appears to give divine credence to his evil. It built a wall which is impossible for me to tear down but the Spirit will do it.

Led back and forth from cover to cover passages from the Spirit were highlighted and stood out from the lies. In an effort to camouflage the nature of God as Spirit men inserted passages to credit the lie of Jesus Christ. Suddenly reality dawned as the memory of being between lives where there is nothing but Spirit flooded back. There is no heaven and hell so why would there be a so-called Son of God?

My knowledge of genetics and experience of bearing children highlights the impossibility of a virgin birth. Only men whose minds are distorted by abhorrent notions of women could dream up such a monstrous thing. Yet they get away with it and my internal rage increased towards all things religious

Here is the pain of God exposed for the first time and I was made to feel it and be outraged by it. Yet, anyone who would attempt to reverse the situation was already branded and targeted as a blasphemer, a devil and worse. This is me!

The hatred against the Spirit and what God wants snowballs into wars, terrorism, psychotic illnesses, depression, and unwanted children. Under its influence men murder each other and now the world for money and power.

Religion accounts for overpopulation, environmental destruction, global warming, greed, profit mongering, and sexually transmitted diseases and there could be no stopping it without God's intervention. The bottom line is that the Spirit created this evil and it was yet a puzzle as to why?

The question faced everyday since is how and why? Eventually these answers would be provided but meanwhile the pain continued.

The learning curve seemed to be without end.

Months passed like days as the real picture emerged. Not a day passed without new knowledge to give me the authority and power the job calls for.

The lies told about God have built a wall and the extent of it reaches to the beginning of cognition and continues through every nation, every religion, every society. It is too strong to break, to high to climb and too deep to pass under.

Teaching me of the wall meant taking me to the beginning of knowledge and the very first thoughts of a divine creature. It took me to the Stone Age and to the origin of divine worship and the depths of the imagination.

It taught me the very first signs of language and their meaning and it allowed me to read the past like a book.

With that knowledge passages like the following from the Old Testament became ever clearer. They are strong messages of warning and promises of how the Spirit will undo the lies.

Because, even because, they have seduced my people, saying, Peace; and there was no peace; and one built up a wall, and, lo, others daubed it with untempered mortar: Ezekiel 13:10

And I saw that wall in other visions as a giant dam holding back the waters of the Spirit that should flow over God's people. What came to light increased my anger and frustration. The job seemed immense and anxiety to finish it also increased.

The journey appeared to be without end. But never once did I tire of it.

The Spirit promised that the wall will fall. Prophecy states that a stormy wind will expose its roots. It was to those roots that the Spirit took me and its substance became very clear.

My new commission is to rip it down.

The tool for the job is the written word. Shown the authorship of the New Testament and the evidence proving that Jesus Christ is a lie is enough to end it and bring 666 undone.

This story is set to blow around the world as a whirlwind when it is known and talked about. It is a story based on facts and supported in the plan of God.

Say unto them which daub it with untempered mortar, that it shall fall . . . Therefore thus said God; I will even rend it with a stormy wind in my fury . . . So will I break down the wall that you have daubed with untempered mortar, and bring it down to the ground, so that the foundation thereof shall be discovered, and it shall fall . . . Ezekiel 13:11-14

Miracles happened from then on as the power grew.

Around mid year while at a healing group a man suddenly appeared in front of me. Dressed in a red robe over white his hand reached out and touched my forehead as his arm hid his face. In an instant he was gone but my forehead stayed warm for 2 hours afterwards.

Later I saw how it was a transference of power from him to me, just as in the vision of the one preaching on the hilltop who was replaced by me. It was not Jesus Christ whom I would replace but the man who put him there - 666.

Pressure built to quit my job and work only for the Spirit. The question was how?

Finally 2 messages delivered by perfect strangers turned my blood to ice. "Where I lead I will provide" and "fear not for I am with you."

It happened when a friend, Anne, asked me to attend a Catholic Charismatic service. Midway through the service 2 ladies delivered messages that caused the sensation.

Anne turned to me, "those messages are for you, aren't they?" she said.

"Yes," I uttered still recovering from the effects of the power.

The following Wednesday morning I resigned my job. With little money in the bank and the mortgaged farm unresolved my situation was worse than that. I had 3 chldren in private schools and the fees were hefty, to say the least. They also had to be fed and the rent on our house paid.

The Spirit had spoken and there was no choice in my mind but to obey. It was the fulfillment of the visions in my pre-life. The fact that action of this nature could not be justified logically proves the reality of all that had gone before.

We were now entirely in the Spirit's hands.

An acquaintance, Harry, a Church of God Pastor, saw me an hour later. He received messages from the Spirit as soon as we greeted each other.

"Norma is doing my will and I am with her . . ."

The rest was long and detailed and is difficult to recall.

In the middle of the busiest intersection on the way home the Spirit said: "The name is the Family of Jesus.".

A new message was repeated constantly in my head for a week: "Be baptised in my name, be baptised in my name."

Barbara, a lady I met a few days earlier, arrived the following Tuesday morning. We talked all day until finally I told her about the message.

She arranged the baptism for the following evening at the only place in Canberra where such is possible. The Spirit had sent me there for healing months before.

That night I was on fire and slept several feet above the mattress. The next morning everything I picked up fell from my hands as the power was so strong.

The baptism was dramatic. efore it happenened there was at first an exciting, wonderful wind that blew around me and through my clothes.

No windows or doors were open and the air-conditioning was off. My daughters on either side of me felt nothing.

As the service started a message was delivered through tongues given by one man and interpreted by another. It exposed things kept secret all my life.

My commission and the job ahead were told of along with the difficulties, hate and anger they would bring. The isolation and learning that was now taking place would take me to the root of knowledge . "I will take you to the depths of knowledge and you will be a tower to my people," It ended.

Only the Spirit could make such a public announcement.

The baptism that followed was an anti-climax.

The next morning as power gripped me vision after vision came. They showed me separated from money, assets, possessions, pride, or yearning. All were racing off as in the wind. Some 2 hours later the cleansing was complete.

More commissions, visitations and miracles followed in coming months as visions repeatedly showed me taking the place of Jesus Christ as teacher and how these words will spread like light around the world. As the knowledge goes forth the darkness over the world will be lifted and the earth will be cleansed of the lies. That was the meaning in my visions.

Back in the spirit with the Spirit and away from all things worldly it was the same feeling as when between lives and the same age as my last venture into the Spirit at death. No chains, no bars, and no guards hinder me and no one but God makes decisions for me. This time I was ready and knew I could do it. My life was not a whim but part of a grand plan.

The children completed their education in the same schools as the Spirit organised. Fees were cancelled in 2 cases and in the third, Margaret, my youngest daughter was involved in a bus accident and twisted her leg. Healed later by the Spirit she received a large insurance payout for the injury and the interest from the trust account set up for her paid her fees.

The government gave me a single parents allowance and subsidised the rent so nothing became difficult.

A month later I was back in that place where I was baptised and the elements for communion were being served. In the Pentecostal tradition the elements comprise grape juice and dry biscuits.

I took the offering and waited when suddenly my body lit up and before me stood a man on a cross.

His head was hanging to the side when he lifted it, looked me in the eyes and called my name."Norma!"

Inside I heard "Take me off the cross."

The look on his face haunts me to this day. It was that of innocence, confusion, betrayal, pain, and enormous hurt and it reflected the question I had been asking all my life - WHY?

Another commission was now received and this one bothered me even more than the others. As a woman I could not imagine how on earth I could do this. What I did not reckon on was the power of the Spirit and the Internet. Although it has been another huge learning curve to figure out the technology it fits the visions perfectly and has given me a great tool to get the message out.

Other commissions were also received along with more visions and amazing prophecies. You can read the remainder of the story on this site and others listed below. Learn how the commissions are being fulfilled.

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