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Norma answers some of the questions she is constantly asked.

The Truth About Reincarnation

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Q. Are all people spiritual?

A. No!. While it may be that all have the potential for spirituality very few achieve it. The noise of the world blocks the connection and the religious mythology kills it unless someone is searching for truth.

Q. How do I know if I am spiritual?

A. Spiritual people have a director inside them which communicates right from wrong and leads you away from danger and the things that destroy spirit. You might feel sick or dead inside when you enyter a church or a movie theatre, for instance. This is the spiritual decline that occurs when one is in the presence of fiction and lies.

Q. How do I find the Spirit and become a more worthy spiritual being?

A. Usually the Spirit finds you and will lead you to the truth. It is doing that now by bringing you to this web-site and exposing these facts to you. You might feel goose bumps or tingles as you study it which is a sure sign that the Spirit is leading you.

Q. I often feel goose bumps and tingles. Does that mean I am spiritual?

A. Yes, and when you hear the truth you will feel them the most. You will also feel them when you are talking about something close to your heart. People often say "Oh, someone just walked over my grave. That is because the have felt the spiritual power as well.

Q. How else might the Spirit reach me?

A. Quite often by sending someone to you. I have had great urgency at times to leave whatever I am doing and go somewhere, usually a place I have been shown or told. When I meet a person who has either asked God to send someone or has been praying for the truth, they are stunned and often tears are shed. This usually leads to a long meeting and on going contacts until the Spirit takes over.

Q. If I am spiritual are my children also spiritual?

A. Not necessarily. Children today are influenced by worldly things and modern inventions are very destructive of the Spirit. Cell phones, I-pods, video games, and movies etc. are destroying any chance that the young have of contacting the Spirit.

Q. Who are most likely to be spiritual in my community?

A. Spiritual people are usually quiet, sober, conservative and environmentally conscious. They respect creation and are at peace with themselves and the world. They stand out because of their giving nature, generosity, care for others and gentle demeanor. They are rarely church goers and not interested in riches or big houses, cars and so on.

Q. Is religion from God?

A. No! Religion is man made and is magic and ritual. People are drawn to it because of the traditions, images, buildings and promises that make up the majority of religous systems.

Q. Are priests spiritual?

A. No, usually not. While some join the priesthood in the belief they are serving God they are really serving idolatry and myth

Q. Does that mean that there is no spirituality in religion at all?

A. For the majority of religions that is true. However, people have moved away from traditional religion and gathered in what are cslled Pentecostal or New Age religions in a desperate search for truth. They find themselves in places that still follow the old traditions of Trinity, Jesus Christ and the laws of 666 so they may not stay very long. The church still uses music, usually too loud for spiritual people to tolerate, and other things to encourage their flocks.

Q. What are New Age religions trying to achieve?

A. They are simply replacing old traditions with new ones. If the leaders of these places were in spiritual truth they would not be sprouting the existence of heaven and hell, the rubbish associated with Jesus Christ, and they would be bringing light to the dark world of today.

Q. So, why are they drawing crowds of thousands of people into their churhes?

A. Non spiritual people who are searching for contact with the supernatural find favor in these places. There is a stronger emphasis on spirituality, and on better living and communal support that goes down well with lonely hearts and the confused nature of humans battling the forces of today. People are searching for strength, a sense of belonging and for salvation from what is obviously coming.

Q. Why are religious people snobby about their faith?

A. People believe that they have the truth and that others are born sinners who may contaminate them. Its like racial prejudice in a different form.