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The Wall of Churches
by Norma Holt

The Wall Built By The 2 Beasts

My research revealed its foundation is in Babylon.

The vision given to me repeatedly of the wall showed it as an immense structure that is too deep to get under, too wide to circumvent, to high to climb over, and too thick to smash through. No one would be able to remove it on their own. In fact few would even know it exists as it is totally invisible.

For me to discover it many things had to be known. While the wall appears to be solid enough to resist its removal the truth is that there was one shock after another when coming to grips with what it is made of and how unsubstantial it is brought more frustration and mystery than it resolved.

Piece by piece over many months the substance of the wall was shown to me. It came together like a giant jig-saw puzzle and it stands as a citadel to the truth.

The term 'citadel' comes from 'city' and a fortress surrounded on all sides that make it impenetrable. I saw that city in a vision.

It was first a wonderful city that had everything anyone could need and the people were happy and content. There was no disease or hardship, no worries or stress, and the Great Creative Spirit of the Universe was in charge.

Then a man came out of it and walked off to the right (my left) where he built another city that resembled the first. Then he went back to the road and put up a detour sign that directed all to his city and away from the first.

The people then went to his place and walked inside only to find that it is just a veneer without substance. But there are bars, large cells with no way out and guards on the doors ensuring they cannot escape.

Walking between the cells the people called out "Jesus" in loud voices that were full of despair. Here they were sick, stressed, diseased, and full of violence and hate. Some reached out towards me with pleading in their eyes.

The bible opened at the following passage:

But these are a people robbed and spoiled; they are all of them snared in holes, and they are hid in prison houses; they are for a prey, and none delivereth; for a snare, and none sayeth, Restore. Isaiah 43:22

In another vision the city of Rome (Roma in Italian) appeared. Suddenly a large black ribbon shot forth and it went into Cicily and then wound itself around the world. Layer after layer of black encased the world as a result and it continued to increase and thicken.

In another vision my being was lifted high above the earth and below me was the planet encased in black. It was like goo that nothing can penetrate. There was no way that anything could cut it or get through it.

Then a mighty strong light shot forth from where I was and it penetrated the black like an arrow. It then spread out and went under the black and pushed it out into space where it broke apart. It happened almost in an instant. Next the earth was again the wonderful blue planet we see from outer space.

The light is knowledge and the things the Spirit has given to me to send forth into the world. It is what the prisoners have been reaching out for and it is here now. The wall and its substance is known and being removed as the work given to me penetrates the layers of darkness.

It is not solid but mental. It comprises nothing more than one's imagination and the negativity produced by religions that hide the truth. It is, therefore, an obstruction built of lies and while it did not start in Roma it was in that place that it got a new footing.

While the identity of the man who built the false city was not yet known to me the one who renewed it was. It came by way of another vision when these words stood up in the air before my face in large black letters: CONSTANTINE IS 666.

While working to uncover the lies the Spirit led me to study the bible from cover to cover and it showed that even this book is a composite of lies inserted to cover over the truth. The prophecies were genuine instructions given to the Children of Israel to help them find the Spirit and to lead a good life. They have been contaminated by inserted paragraphs and changes by scribes who attempted to make them more favorable to the New Testament and the religion of Constantine.

The New Testament was produced by Jerome, the 'doctor' of the Catholic Church who was appointed by Damasus, the then Bishop of Rome, to bring the organisation into a form of compliance. After Constantine established it at the Council of Nicaea in 325 AD it was disunited because there was no text or clear instructions about how to conduct services, and so forth.

Jerome left notes in his diaries and letters about how he altered parts of the Septuagint to make it conform to his work. He then took the order of service, costumes, festivals, instruments, calendar, and the law from the imperial Roman Religion, which was Islamic, and introduced them into the church for all branches of it to follow.

As Constantine built the Vatican and the first Christian Churches, it was easy for Jerome to use the parliament of bishops to regulate the branches and teach the priests how to proceed. His diaries are a complete eye-opener when it comes to how the Roman Church got its foothold and of the violence and mass murder it engaged in to do it.

While much of its early history is glossed over as irrelevant the facts remain that it has continued as Constantine intended and it has spread his will around the world under different banners and religious ideologies. To understand that the Spirit took me to a section of the Septuagint which Jerome labelled as the Old Testament.

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