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The Name of God - promised to be known in the end times

There is Only One God

The Name of God

The identity of God whose name was stolen has been hidden from you. Religion stole the name of God and altered the truth, according to Old Testament prophecy, and as you read about it you may experience something beautiful - the power of the Spirit.

This book answers the hard questions such as why there is power in the name Jesus and why we use it?

Do you feel drawn by the name to something far bigger than yourself? Now you can discover why?

Have you tried the name because many people cannot even say it? This mystery is now exposed.

The Old Testament does not give a name for God but indicators provide information to re-establish it. Indicators also demonstrate that God is Spirit

Over and again people return to the pages of the most confusing book of all time, the bible, to unlock its secrets when feeling desperate or searching for the truth. They search to discover who is Jesus and why there is power in the name.

The confusion most people have about God is based on the New Testament that contradicts Old Testament prophecies and for which many have had a hand in altering. Because they cannot accept the religious view of God they become atheistic but then something inside them starts to gnaw away and then they begin their search for answers. Is that where you are right now?

Who the conspirators were is an eye opener to say nothing of the blatant lies and crimes they committed against the world, against God and against you. It is the Spirit that is now putting these things right and, as foretold in prophecy, a new teacher is required to do it.

Spiritual power and enlightenment has increased dramatically with the spiritual outpouring that is taking the world by storm.

This outpouring is separating the spiritual from the non spiritual as divisons of ideals and beliefs widen.

It is heightened in those who have a genuine interest in truth and who can say the name Jesus without hesitation. These are the ones whom the Spirit has isolated until they learn the truth.

As people feel the 'power of the spirit' there is a rush to escape conventional religions for the New Age spiritual connection. This was prophesied to herald the end of the world.

End time prophecies are coming to pass as this event draws nearer. One of these states that the name of God shall be revealed and that all mysteries will be resolved.

They also claim that heaven and hell will be dissolved and is confusing to those who accept their existence.

Think about that as you explore the rest of this site.

The Old Testament states that spiritual Israel, not the country by that name, will stand out and receive the power of God as their inheritance. This is part of the end times.

So will I make my name known in the midst of my people Israel; and I will not let them pollute my name any more: and the heathen shall know that I am the Lord, the God of Israel. Ezekiel 39:7.

It is over these people that the spiritual power is now pouring. How do we know? The bible tells us - read on to discover where and why.

. . . for I have poured out my spirit upon the house of Israel, said God. Ezekiel 39:29.

Spiritual Jesus is far different from Jesus Christ, the man mentioned in prophecy as the stumbling block placed before Israel to refine them. The notion that God is male and fathered a child is about to be dismissed - read on. You were meant to know the power that exists in the name Jesus for a reason. It si the name of God.

In the spirit people call on Jesus to receive power and healing. Check out the tesimonies on the right of this page.

When the spiritual speak to the Spirit in the name Jesus they receive an answer. This can come by way of tongues and interpretation, as visions, or as an inpouring of knowledge that creates special awareness.

These things are 'spiritual gifts' and include prophesy, spiritual dreams, emotional peace, and a stillness of spirit. But these gifts are not for everyone and they do not affect people in the same way.

When spiritual people speak to others in the spirit there is a transfer of energy so that we know each other.

When we engage the name of Jesus we feel that power as tingles or waves of energy that may pass from the tip of the head to the toes. I have felt that degree of energy from Spirit Jesus several times and sometimes wondered if my body could contain it.

When we obey Spirit Jesus we are blessed with such energy and are protected from harm, which amazes religious leaders who do not generate the same reaction.

As has happened to me several times, Spirit Jesus may send us to others in need of guidance or healing. This can occur 'out of the blue' or be something pressing on our minds, sometimes for days until we react.

Spirit Jesus may also cause us to pray for particular matters that cannot be healed or changed by conventional means. In some cases I have even been sent in the Spirit to people about to commit suicide.

Examples include a Uniting Church Minister who was so confused by the feelings from the Spirit against the Church he served that suicide seemed his only option until I arrived on his doorstep.

In another case I stood in the cell of a man on Death's Row awaiting execution in the USA. A day or so later he was released when another man confessed to his crime. This led to laws being changed in several states to eliminate the death penalty. Far fetched you might say. No!

In the Spirit we are not restricted to time and place but many move through what is called 'Astra travel' whereby a part of you can be elsewhere but your body is still in its chair at home. Many experience 'out of body' floating or 'near death' but that is not the same. In my experience it is like a vision whereby a scene is presented to you and you are part of it and it is over in a few seconds. The effect on the person involved, however, may be tingles or waves of energy passing through the body.

It is this sensation that many think of as a visitation by an angel. In fact it is the Spirit witnessing the power. You might be feeling it right now.

When we pray for something or someone we should do it in the name of Jesus to get results. It is in the name - Jesus - that power is felt. It is through this name that healing occurs.

All Christian denominations are cottoning onto this requirement but they retain the Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Ghost, although none of these are mentioned in the Old Testament.

Are we to believe then that God is Spirit and that the name of God is Jesus?

Are we to toss aside 2 millennia of doctrine that claims that a Son of God was born of a Virgin, lived and died tragically and resurrected and rose to heaven?

Is that the same heaven that the OT claims will be dissolved at the end of the Day?

Are we to ignore the teachings of the so-called prophet, Jesus Christ, according to the New Testament, and change the way we think about God?

We appear to be in the last phase of a grand plan by the Spirit Jesus. If that is so we have been promised that in the end all will be revealed.

If that is the case then why should the spiritual people of Israel be confused or concerned? Are we not the inheritors of the New Age? Are we not the Children of the Spirit and the ones for whom the OT promises God will deliver?

Biblical promises relate to another matter equally as touchy as the suggestion that God is Spirit. It concerns reincarnation because we are promised that Elijah will come
at the end to restore the TRUTH. (excuse the big type but it need emphasising).

We are also told that at the end the Children of Israel will be released from their prison. This is a mental barrier that prevents spiritual knowledge and it is based on fanciful ideas that oppose the Spirit, such as those related to idolatry.

We are promised that the spiritual of Israel will understand doctrine and all confusion will be caste aside.

How can that be if the Children of Israel have not reincarnated from the beginning to be here at the end?

The bible does not say it will be the offspring or descendants of spiritual Israel but makes a point of stating that the Children of Israel, who are born of Joseph through Manasseh and Ephraim are alone the inheritors of the power.

If that is correct then they could only have arrived here at the end via reincarnation, which is my own experience.

If reincarnation is a fact then religions that teach otherwise are wrong. If they are wrong about that then they are wrong about other things as well. Could they also be wrong about heaven and hell because they have never been found despite all the space exploration of recent times..

My experience of reincarnation is clear and the things I brought with me include not only knowledge of Spirit Jesus but a different language to my parents and siblings and an IQ that stands well above the average.

Is Spirit Jesus fact and the Trinity fiction? If so then there should be enough evidence available to eliminate the latter from the debate. And there is!

Using the insight provided by the Spirit along with the knowledge brought with me into this life, along with the instruction for a new teaching, it was no surprise to be taken to the beginning of language, religion and symbolism
to unravel the mysteries according to the promises of more than 2,000 years ago.

Are we at the end? Well! Look around you.

  • Weather patterns are running out of control.
    People are dying in the millions from disease, environmental events, and wars.
    Terrorism is rife among us.
    Oxygen levels are plummeting.
    Animal, plant and sea species are fast running out.
    Greed is taking over as people damage the environment.
    Drugs have replaced common sense.
    Make-believe is more important to most people than truth.
    Entertainers make more money than kings or presidents.
    The speed of communication is matched now only by the speed of light

Spirit Jesus promised that in the end certain things will happen to make you aware of what is coming. Among these will be a woman who will teach you. She is called the Daughter of Zion. It is told that she will identify and undo the work of the second beast - 666.

It is also promised that:
· She will speak for God with wisdom of a spiritual mind.
· She will restore the Children of Israel and will take the place of Jesus Christ as teacher.
· She will name the name of God and build Mount Zion.
· She will destroy the dam that is a wall holding back the Spirit.

You may not accept all that this site proclaims but if you read it with an open mind and let the Spirit do the talking you will feel the power as Jesus enlightens you through the words.

Are you a Child of Israel and part of the harvest? Read the remainder of this site to find out.

It was something I had not expected when the Spirit told me to be baptised in the name of Jesus. This confusing message made no sense but it was something that had to be obeyed. Waiting for the service to end prior to the ritual the Spirit gave a message to the congregation that included my work and secrets I had kept all my life. Many looked at me as it was delivered. They knew who God of whom God was speaking.

Then it was time. Down into the water bath I went as the Pastor recited words. Rising up there was nothing special to be felt. But afterwards it all came through. First two of the ladies prayed over me and the tongues rolled out in such force that I could not stop them. On and on they went for what seemed like hours.

When they did stop my mouth was sore as muscles that had never been used in speech reacted to their exercise. The following morning was when the Spirit took me over. It completely erased all things of my past and everything that was an asset or represented the world was taken away. Vision showed them floating off into the distance.

When it was over there was a shock at the time. When this started it was 9 am, when it finished it was after midday. It had felt like a few minutes.

The Spirit showed me the origin of the name ‘Jesus’. It is from ‘i-s’ which means ‘eye of light’. It was doubled for potency so it became ‘isis’ or ‘issi’. When the letter [j] was added later ‘isis’ became ‘jesus’.

Led to the bible it showed me this passage, which is meant for this time:

“And it shll be at that day, saith God, that thou shall call me ‘Issi, and shall call me no more ‘Ba-a-li’ Hosea 2:16

Baal was the name of the man on the cross in Babylon, where crucifixion of god-men first took place.

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