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Sin, Hell and Babylon

The Truth About Reincarnation
by Norma Holt

Biblical Babylon is a spiritual term

Old Testament prophecies have been grossly distorted by those who needed to change the facts. As the Capital of the Islamic world, from which most modern religions have developed, including Christainity, and Judaism, the leaders of those systems needed to distance themselves from the origin of their faiths.

All religions have been worked over to make sure that roots that developed in a common belief system were not visible. Yet all have the same principles that include beliefs in a heaven or paradise, hell, d evil, angels, saints, feasts, festivals, and passovers or fasts. They all use costumes, colors and rituals that can be traced back to their origins and they all have a prophet who gave them the words they live by. They all use prayers to speak to a very distant, seemingly deaf god, and they cover their heads and bow incessantly when doing so. They all engage in rituals and have buildings in which they gather.

Next time you get the opportunity observe the Jew at prayer in front of the temple wall and the Moslin at prayer in the Mosque. Notice the similaries, especially the way they bow forward and prostrate themselves. Hindus at prayer do much the same and observing children in their religious classes and Christian chilren at prayer show they all have similarities.

Bowing, genuflecting, body language and recitations of written words are part of their worship.

Compare too the Catholic nun with the Moslim veiled women and notice the similarities.

Historical comparisons of social and linguistic codes make it a positive that when you have similar behaviour among isolated groups then the precedent was a parent code that whose daughters survive. Religions developed from a single parent and the code that formed them could never be changed.

When the Spirit told me it would take me to Babylon it did not disappoint. It was to that parent that the Spirit took me to understand the modern relgions and their origins.

I went there to take from it the beginning of language and religion and to learn the meaning of the terms that religion depends on. One of the first was 'Baby-l-on'. 'Baby' is one term most people would easily recognise. [l] is the same as [el] and refers to 'god'. 'On' is 'circle of victory' and it passed on as 'strength' or 'strong'. Together the terms mean 'baby in god's circle of victory' or 'baby of God's strength'.

All religious worshippers were considered to be new to the 'spirit' or to the knowledge of their 'god'. As the Jews stole the term 'Israel' for their country so the Arabs took the term 'Babylon' for their city where viewing the sun in the circle of strength was practiced.

Ziggurauts of seven steps had at their apex a circle held aloft on a pole. At certain times the sun passed behind the circle and made the cross image that passed into every socity.

It is the same image that was shown to me in a vision of the sun passing behind a holed stone. It was the 'hole-eye' and gave rise to the term 'holy'. To pass through the hole was to enter paradise.

It is a well documented fact that children were passed through holes in stones in Europe until a few centuries ago in a form of baptism. The sick were also passed through and people used the holes as an entrance to their god's 'haven' = 'heaven'.

That these havens or holy sites were always at the peak of a hill gave rise to the notion of heaven being in the sky and the 'hill' was turned into 'hell' by later religious leaders who wanted to hide the old religion from which their own faith was spawned and make it 'evil'.

But there was more going on at the summit than what you suspect. To begin with it was here that men died on crosses to pass through the hole in Tthe spiritual sense and marry the Mother god.

here are enough surviving accounts of this practise, in Europe, Asia and the Americas to overcome any opposition to this account. The food of the god-man was detailed in symbolism and [d] passed down as being related to him.

In ancient beliefs his spirit passed on into that of his consumers as he passed from life to the after-life. In some documented observations the god-man's body was consumed while he was still alive and bits of flesh were carved from it and eaten in his sight. His blood was collected and drunk as well.

When Catholic fathers distanced themselves from this practice, it no longer being acceptable among the Roman hierarchy, the god-man was declared an evil practice and 'd-evil' or 'food of the god-man' became 'devil'.

Because he died on the hill where his spirit supposedly continued to reside and it was here that the sun touched the earth his residence was the 'hill'. In ancient text 'hill' is symbolised by the letter [h] which indicated the 'seat'. As he had now become a god in the spirit the seat of god became 'h-el', and then 'hell'. The presence of the sun provided the eternal flame.

It became common practise for men to be crucified as 'devils' and then to be burned at the stake for opposing Catholicism.

Among the terms for 'sun' was 's-an', 'son' and 'sin'. The vowel was flexible for it was originally 's-n' or 'light of victory'. When the circle became involved the [o] wad added to make 'son' and as the sun is the 'eye' [i] was added for 's-i-n'.

Sin then related to the god-man on the cross and as the 'devil' he was responsible for the later concept of sin being anything that opposed the teaching of the Catholic Church. Because of the need to keep the congregation the old notion of priests (god-men in waiting) forgiving sins was adopted.